Make your e-commerce business
model environmentally sustainable and financially profitable

4-hour, hands-on, collaborative workshop moderated by professionals in fashion & (online) retail whereby you and your team will: 


Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of different online business models retailers use today. What is their impact on profit, environment and human resources?


Identify opportunities to develop an e-commerce model that is profitable, personifies your brand values, engages customers, while minimizing impact on the environment


Analyze (economic, human and environmental) pain points of your company’s current model


Define the steps needed to develop your sustainable e-commerce model and make it work

Frequently asked questions
Workshop 'Sustainable e-commerce'

Most e-commerce business cases are not sustainable; profit, people and our planet are always under pressure. This workshop shows you a different vision on how to run your e-commerce focussing on bringing positive impact on your profit, people and planet.

This workshop is for e-commerce managers responsible for the operation of an online (multi-)brandstore or virtual department store in fashion and design. 

It is great to have successful online business. However, profitability is often referred to as making financial profit only. This workshop will identify what impact your business has on the environment and people. By understanding where your business model has negative impacts on people, our planet and also on your profit, you learn how to turn these losses into a positive for more profit.

You can continue to do business on your preferred platform. This workshop will help you improve your results. We will help you identify challenges and opportunities that you can apply to any digital platform.

The workshop can be organized at one of your locations or an external location, to be decided.

We have decided to offer workshops as we want to ‘Embed the Good’ into as many companies as we can, by minimising the time and investment required from retailers.

We believe that through a 4-6 hour workshop with the right gurus, companies can gain a lot of knowledge and practical insights, and can identify opportunities to take the ideas and concepts learned into their business. 

After the workshop you will have a report laying out the opportunities and/or action plan we co-developed in the workshop. You are free to move forward with that as you see fit. On the other hand, if you would like extra support to do more research, further analyze the business case, develop a strategy or implementation plan, the gurus in our network can offer their services as professional independent consultants. You can read the profiles of our gurus here

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