Define what your company stands
for and identify how to activate your
purpose to have a positive impact
on people, planet and your business

4-hour, hands-on, collaborative workshop moderated by professionals in retail and strategy whereby you and your team will: 


Get expert input on relevant social and sustainability themes and issues


Define your purpose in a way that engages your employees, partners and customers


Explore your current company goals, values and strengths


Identify concrete actions and activities to fulfill your purpose, have a positive impact on society and the environment, and strengthen your brand identity

Frequently asked questions
Workshop 'What's your Purpose'

This workshop is for all retail organisations (brands, multi-brand stores, department stores, retail chains) taking their first steps into becoming more socially responsible and sustainable. It is for those who have not yet determined what their purpose is and what angle they can take to have a more positive impact on their communities and the environment. 

Through this workshop, we will help you identify (or define) your organisation’s purpose to then help you identify areas where your company can do more good in a way that respects your company values and business objectives.  

As opposed to the mission (that states the functions and goals of a business), and the vision (that states what a company wants to be in a few years time), purpose provides an aspirational reason for being that is grounded in humanity and inspires a call to action. It reflects what an organisation contributes to society.

In this workshop, we will identify and/or craft your organisation’s purpose, and use that to identify opportunities to embed more Good into your brand.

We suggest doing the workshop with 6-10 people from your company.

As ‘Purpose’ defines your organisation’s principles and ambitions, it is essential that members of your top management are present. Furthermore, it can be useful to include employees who have a good understanding of the current brand values and customer expectations, as well as employees who are especially connected within the organisation and have a pulse on employee culture and motivation. 

We have decided to offer workshops as we want to ‘Embed the Good’ into as many companies as we can, by minimising the time and investment required from retailers.

We believe that through a 4-6 hour workshop with the right gurus, companies can gain a lot of knowledge and practical insights, and can identify opportunities to take the ideas and concepts learned into their business. 

After the workshop you will have a report laying out the opportunities and/or action plan we co-developed in the workshop. You are free to move forward with that as you see fit. On the other hand, if you would like extra support to do more research, further analyze the business case, develop a strategy or implementation plan, the gurus in our network can offer their services as professional independent consultants. You can read the profiles of our gurus here

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