Translate your social and environmental sustainability vision to store level;
From your buying strategy to
the services you offer.

4-hour, hands-on, collaborative workshop moderated by professionals in retail/ buying & sustainability whereby you and your team will: 


Activate your company purpose and brand values at store level


Analyze barriers to becoming more sustainable and opportunities to change


Discover case study examples of retail trendsetters around the world


Identify concrete opportunities to engage your employees and customers through your buying strategy, instore communication, services, events and campaigns

Frequently asked questions
Workshop 'Differentiate in-store'

Stores provide retailers with an opportunity to influence consumer choices. Through the products that are selected and sold, the information that is communicated, the services that are offered, and the store design, retailers are in a unique position that they can use their stores to become more sustainable themselves and enable consumers to ‘consume’ more sustainably. 

Here a few examples of brands implementing sustainability in their stores:

> Nudie Jeans provides repair services in-store allowing customers to lengthen the life of their clothes

> Patagonia provides customers with a range of sustainability related services: a repair service and a second hand rack. Also, visitors can find information about the textiles used, about campaigns being carried out. 

> H&M provides ‘Return containers’ encouraging consumers to bring back clothes for recycling purposes 

> Maison Simons has opened its first net-zero energy store in Canada

> Nike’s ‘Reuse a shoe’ program encourages returns of unworn shoes to recycle the soles to develop playgrounds , tracks and courts. 

> Brand Jigsaw uses its stores and other communication channels to stand up for Immigrants

These are just a few examples. Every business can take another angle that makes sense for them.

During this workshop we will collaboratively identify opportunities to translate your company purpose and/or brand values into choices you make in-store: at product, level and around the services and information you provide customers.

This workshop was developed for brand stores, multi-brand stores, department stores and retail chains seeking to leverage their stores for sustainability

Depending on the organisation structure and size, we recommend participation from:

  • retail brand owners
  • store owners
  • product managers
  • designers
  • and marketing managers
  • if you would agree to it, we would also include some of your customers (carefully chosen out so they can contribute valuable insights) 

The workshop can be organized at one of your locations or an external location, to be decided.

We decided to offer workshops as we want to ‘Embed the Good’ into as many companies as we can, by minimising the time and investment required from retailers.

We believe that through a 4-6 hour workshop with the right gurus, companies can gain a lot of knowledge and practical insights, and can identify opportunities to take the ideas and concepts learned into their business. 

After the workshop you will have a report laying out the opportunities and/or action plan we co-developed in the workshop. You are free to move forward with that as you see fit. On the other hand, if you would like extra support to do more research, further analyze the business case, develop a strategy or implementation plan, the gurus in our network can offer their services as professional independent consultants. You can read the profiles of our gurus here

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