Understand what the circular economy is, why it matters, and how you can make your business be a part of this new economic model

4-hour, hands-on, collaborative workshop moderated by professionals in fashion & circular economy whereby you and your team will: 


Gain in-depth knowledge and insight into the circular economy principles, and how you can increase brand loyalty, bolster relationships with partners and open new revenue streams while reducing waste


Identify product, service, and business-model innovation opportunities to go circular


Discover case studies in fashion, retail and other categories


Determine where to start and what steps to take to start on the path to being a part of the circular economy

Frequently asked questions
Workshop 'Go Circular!'

Most of our economy today is built on a linear economy: we take resources from the earth, we make products out of them, we use them and we dispose of them. Although this model seemed the right model a century ago, we now see that this is an unsustainable model putting pressure on our limited resources, and leading to an overflow of waste that our planet cannot handle. 

The circular economy is designed to be regenerative, whereby resources that are taken from the ground are designed into products in a way that they can be re-used, re-manufactured, recycled or returned to the ground without negative impacts on the environment. It relies on system-wide innovation whereby products and services are re-defined to avoid harmful waste.

Understanding circular economy principles allows us to identify new opportunities, new potential revenue streams, and new ways to connect with suppliers and customers while minimising negative impact on the environment. 

To name just a few retail companies that have already embarked on a path to a circular economy: Stella McCartney, Filippa K, Patagonia, Mud Jeans, Nudie Jeans, H&M, Nike, Adidas, C&A

This workshop is for all retail companies not yet involved in the circular economy, whether they are curious to learn more or aware but seeking the way to get started on the path to circularly. 

Whether you are a large organisation, or a small company, there are opportunities for you to include circular economy principles into your business. We’re here to help. 

Firstly, you will gain an understanding of what the circular economy is all about, why people are talking about it and why companies want to be a part of it

Secondly, you will discover how re-thinking you business using the principles of the circular economy, through the glasses of the circular economy, will allow you to identify new models 

We suggest doing the workshop with 6-10 people from your company.

As moving to become a circular company requires strategic decisions, it is important that someone with a strategic/ management role is involved. Furthermore, it would be good to include someone responsible for purchasing, production (if applicable), marketing and sales. It can also be valuable to invite a representative from one of your suppliers as well as from your customer base. As we prepare for your workshop, we will discuss with you which team would be most relevant to put together for your company. 

We can do the workshop at one of your locations or an external location, to be decided

We have decided to offer workshops as we want to ‘Embed the Good’ into as many companies as we can, by minimising the time and investment required from retailers.

We believe that through a 4-6 hour workshop with the right gurus, companies can gain a lot of knowledge and practical insights, and can identify opportunities to take the ideas and concepts learned into their business. 

After the workshop you will have a report laying out the opportunities and/or action plan we co-developed in the workshop. You are free to move forward with that as you see fit. On the other hand, if you would like extra support to do more research, further analyze the business case, develop a strategy or implementation plan, the gurus in our network can offer their services as professional independent consultants. You can read the profiles of our gurus here

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