Raise customer awareness, appeal
and loyalty by authentically communicating your brand story, via a range of channels

4-hour, hands-on, collaborative workshop moderated by professionals in retail, social issues and communication, whereby you and your team will: 


Discover relevant case study examples of businesses elevating their brands by communicating their ethical/ sustainability point of view and commitment


Identify a range of opportunities (touch-points) to engage your customers through your brand story


Determine the story you want your brand to tell – your history, your purpose, your values, your actions, and your impact.

Frequently asked questions
Workshop 'Communicate your Story'

This workshop is for those retailers (brands, multi-brand stores, department stores & retail chains) who are consciously taking action (from small to large) to have a more positive impact on their communities and environment. 

During the workshop, our gurus will help you identify and lay out the positive actions your company is taking towards community and/or environment.

We will help you uncover the stories, the reasoning, the values that led to positive developments, and craft these into stories that are worth telling. 

We do not do greenwashing! In fact we believe honesty, transparency and authenticity are key to engaging your employees and building brand loyalty for the long run.  

Depending on the size and structure of your organisation, we recommend this workshop for company owners, marketing and communication managers and brand managers

We will help you analyse that either before the workshop or during. Get in touch today, to discuss possibilities 

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