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Speaking & Events

With broad and deep experience across the retail industry, our gurus organize and/or speak at events to: raise awareness, share topical knowledge, help participants make connections and identify new opportunities to bring about positive change for their organizations and beyond.


Discover how sustainable, ethical products and brands contribute to your company’s success (brand image & financially)


  • Theoretical intro: what makes a brand ‘Good’
  • Case presentations of ethical and sustainable brands
  • Buyer’s guide to selecting ‘Good’ products and materials
  • The latest trends in sustainable and ethical fashion

Social Investment & Partnerships

Designing social investment strategies that help your brand do more good


  • Intro into the value of social investment to achieving sustainability goals
  • Insight on different social investment models
  • Topical expertise on different facets of sustainable development (e.g. gender, supply chain, water…)
  • Discussions & networking to enable collaboration

Introduction to the Circular Economy

Find out what the Circular Economy is about through theory and case-study examples to identify ways that you could step into the movement


  • Background: why we got to where we are and why we need change  
  • Circular Economy theoretical model
  • Case study examples
  • Where to start