How can fashion companies play a role in restoring soil and climate?

June 1, 2021

Regenerative agriculture is increasingly mentioned as an essential piece of the puzzle in protecting our climate. Indeed, by tending the soil in ways that it can regenerate, the land can draw down carbon from the air, improve water retention, and increase biodiversity. The fashion industry relies heavily on the earth beneath our feet, and on agriculture. But how can fashion businesses play a role in stimulating the adoption of regenerative practices?

Since 2009, the Savory Institute has been promoting the use of holistic – or regenerative – agriculture techniques. Through their Land to Market program, they have developed a science-based approach to allow brands to work with raw material producers (farmers) to put in place better practices. Using an Ecological Outcome Verification protocol, they can transparently track outcomes of the new processes ensuring that companies are fully aware of the positive outcomes their products generate.

Chris Kerston from the renowned Savory Institute, explains how fashion companies, and specifically those working with wool and leather, can play a role in protecting our climate and soils.

During this 30-minute presentation he shares his experience in helping fore-running brands, such as Timberland or Eileen Fisher, to take the leap, and how smaller brands and companies can do so too.