In this together; building a fair fashion value chain

June 11, 2020

Meet and connect with Marian von Rappard, founder of Dawn Denim

When Marian started his company and factory in Saigon more than ten years ago, it was for him a matter of course that his employees would be paid fairly and he would seek to source and produce as sustainably as he could. Next to producing for other brands, he also launched his own brand, Dawn Denim. 
In the past decades, it has become increasingly clear that fashion procurement-supply systems need to change. A crisis such as we have seen with the corona-pandemic, have shone extra light on the weaknesses of the system.

When the corona-virus struck in February 2020, and markets went into lockdown, Evolution Lab SGN , like many other factories around the world, was hit hard. Rather than giving up on the industry, Marian is looking for ways to do things even better moving forward.
During this candid interview, Marian will share his story, talk about the struggles and opportunities of building a business with a strong focus on employee happiness, and share his vision on a true fair fashion value chain.

After four years of hosting more than 50 knowledge sharing and networking events, connecting sustainability and fashion professionals with each other, we have decided to stop the activities we were doing under Good Brand Guru from 2023 onwards.

With equal passion and perseverance, we are continuing to strive for a better textile and clothing industry.

We are doing this through different projects, including helping companies to become BCorp and working with Fibershed at both a Dutch and European level. The Fibershed movement seeks to develop regional fiber systems that build soil and protect the health of our biosphere. Working with a soil-to-soil vision, we are rebuilding local, collaborative supply networks that are inherently fair, circular and regenerative.

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