The Impact of Connecting Consumers to Workers

December 3, 2022

By connecting consumers with workers, fashion retail brands enhance transparency and accountability in supply chain.

It is no secret that those working in the early phases of the fashion supply chain are among the most vulnerable in our global economy. An increasing number of brands are becoming aware of the social challenges in the supply chain and looking  for ways to improve the conditions for their workers involved. was founded to support workers in the global supply chain. From those working in the fields harvesting the raw materials, to those working on the manufacturing sites. Their easy-to-integrate solution enables online customers to send a tip to the workers in the supply chain.

In collaboration with retail partners like Dawn Denim and Ethletic, their solution offers a plug-and-play solutions for brands and retailers that would like to go above and beyond to support the workers in their supply chain.

In this webinar Jonathan Funke, founder of will take you on his journey as impact entrepreneur and share about the challenges he faced as well as vision for the future of fashion retail.

After four years of hosting more than 50 knowledge sharing and networking events, connecting sustainability and fashion professionals with each other, we have decided to stop the activities we were doing under Good Brand Guru from 2023 onwards.

With equal passion and perseverance, we are continuing to strive for a better textile and clothing industry.

We are doing this through different projects, including helping companies to become BCorp and working with Fibershed at both a Dutch and European level. The Fibershed movement seeks to develop regional fiber systems that build soil and protect the health of our biosphere. Working with a soil-to-soil vision, we are rebuilding local, collaborative supply networks that are inherently fair, circular and regenerative.

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