Bryony Jansen - van Tuyll

Innovation Strategy & 
Circular Economy 

Core member/ co-founder

With a masters in Industrial Design Engineering and Innovation Management, I started my career as a strategy consultant working on innovation and revenue-growth related projects. From small start-up companies to large multinationals, from consumer products through business-to-business services, the driving question was ‘how can we make our products, services and strategies better – to increase our revenues?’

As I moved forward in my career, as a consultant, researcher and instructor, I increasingly became uncomfortable with the production-consumption economic model that I was helping to drive. I started studying environmental issues, systems thinking, circular economy theories and realised that these areas need to become an integral part in the process of developing successful strategies for companies.  

Today, I use my 15+ years experience in strategy consulting and design thinking to help develop strategies that are good for people, planet and profit. 

I am originally from the Netherlands and have lived in several European countries, as well as Ecuador, Japan and the US. I am currently based in the Swiss Alps. 

My main interests:  Market analysis & research, Design thinking, Co-creation, Sustainable innovation, Circular economy