As we enter 2020

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to thank you – our members, partners and connections – for your support to the Good Brand Guru organisation. 

2019 was a year where we worked hard to build connections in the Swiss fashion and textile industry. Through our events and activities, we managed to meet inspiring professionals, young pioneering companies, leaders from established brands and organisations.

  • We organised three live events at a national level
    • During the ‘What is Good?’ event we brought together experts and leaders of companies pioneering new business models. There is valuable expertise out there!
    • The aim of the ‘Circular Fashion – Designing the Future’ event that we co-organised with ecos and Impact Hub Basel, was to raise awareness among consumers. We put forward eleven companies that are already offering circular products and services.
    • During the ‘Circular Stories in Fashion & Textiles’ event we organised, with support from ecos and Maxtex, we were able to give the floor to established companies such as Patagonia, Wolford, Calida, and the VF Group. These companies are showing that it is possible to change ‘business as usual’ 
  • We organised a first local event, in Geneva, to inspire and connect local professionals 
  • We were involved in various initiatives around sustainable fashion, including the crafting of Switzerland’s ‘Kerenzerberg Charter for Sustainable Fashion
  • We were featured in various media, the TextilRevue, the UNEP blog, and were even mentioned in CNN Money
  • We hosted our first two online webinars: ‘An Intro to the Circular Economy‘ and ‘A Closer Look at Certifications and Standards
  • After opening for membership early in the year, we welcomed our first 5 external members, whom we thank profoundly for their confidence and support
  • We met hundreds of interesting professionals, passionate about sustainability issues

As we enter 2020, we have ambitious plans to

  • Offer more connection and knowledge sharing opportunities
  • Organise more events and activities in Switzerland. We have already planned a workshop ‘Rethinking Recycling’ at Texaid on the 24th of April, and a workshop ‘Dive into the World of Circular Fashion’ with ecos and Maxtex in March (date to be confirmed). Other live events in Switzerland are still in the works and we will put them up on our website soon. They include more local connecting opportunities and a live national event.
  • Further build on our partnership with NeonytEurope’s main fair for sustainable fashion
  • Bring more webinars to our members and the community at large. Any experts out there who would like to share and promote your knowledge, please get in touch
  • Look to grow beyond Switzerland. If you are interested in helping us organise activities in a particular country, please get in touch
  • Grow our network of individual and company members. We want to embed sustainability thinking into organisations in the fashion retail world:
    • If you are a sustainability expert, we want to help you promote your knowledge and exchange thoughts with experts from other fields of sustainability
    • If you are a seasoned professional from the fashion industry, we want to help you learn more about all aspects of sustainability and put you in touch with inspiring, knowledgeable experts that you can reach out to for learning and collaboration
    • If you are leading a company built with a purpose to be better for people for planet, we want to give you a platform to showcase your products and services and connection opportunities to experts and other types of companies
    • If you have a company that would like to embed more sustainability into your business, we want to help you learn from others that have taken the leap, and connect with experts

We enter the new year excited and hopeful about the opportunities out there. And we hope that you will join us in the movement to make the fashion retail world better for people and the planet.

Wishing you all a happy, inspiring, optimistic start to this new decade. 

Martine, Coty, Milena and Bryony