About us

We love fabrics, products, fashion, brands, and we love people and our planet.

We see the toll our retail industry is having on communities and the environment.

We also see that consumers – citizens – are increasingly seeking ways to minimise their impact.

We know some leading organisations have also awoken to the urgency of taking responsibility and make changes.

We believe that we are on the cusp of a new retail landscape, one in which social and sustainable consciousness are the norm rather than the exception.

Our network is composed of retail professionals and experts in sustainability eager to see change happen fast.

Together, we want to help retail brands embed ‘Good’ into their business models, and accelerate the industry’s transition to becoming conscious, fair and sustainable.

Good Brand Guru Dual Mission:

1. To facilitate collaboration between independent retail professionals and sustainability experts, and by doing so

2. To support retail organisations to become more conscious and active in driving their business to have a more positive impact on their communities and the environment

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